Leveraging Public & Private sector Investment in Nutrition during 2023-24

Health & Nutrition session during CPSE’s Round Table & Exhibition 2023

Nutrition roundtable held in Bhopal engaging regional corporates and businesses

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IMPAct4Nutrition (I4N) is a knowledge and resource centre on nutrition. It is a business link to the
larger social movement around POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan. By running non financial engagements with corporates I4N aims to make every Indian adopt a healthy lifestyle. I4N, along with its partners, facilitates, activates and enables discussion & development for CSR and workplace nutrition.



employees & families and beneficiaries engaged


Million INR (approximately 4 Million + USD) CSR funds leveraged towards nutrition through I4N Pledged Partners

Supporting private sector to promote importance of health & nutrition

Businesses play a critical role in improving the nutrition of their Employees, customers and extended community. By promoting good health and nutrition, businesses can increase productivity, reduce sick days and enhance economic potential. The IMPAct4Nutrition (Initiative to Mobilize Private Action for NutritionI4N) platform was created to encourage greater participation from businesses in the Jan Andolan for nutrition. The platform serves as a central hub of knowledge and resources on nutrition and acts as a connection between businesses and the broader social movement surrounding POSHAN 2.0. I4N has engaged 530+ businesses in India, reaching more than 10.2 million employees and their families and an estimated 215 million+ individuals with improved nutrition literacy.

nutrition awareness
Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition Is Good For Business

According to the “Copenhagen Consensus”, investing in nutrition is the best public health investment one can make. For every $1 of investment there is a return of $16 due to employee retention, dip in absenteeism and increased productivity.

Win-Win Investment Case

Win-Win Investment Case For Companies

When you reach out to your employees and their families, your customers, partners and suppliers, and empower them to improve their nutritional status, you benefit your business. Being an employer who cares by running a business that is socially aware and responsible also contributes to nation building.

Direct Gains For Companies

Direct Gains For Companies

How to get engaged with IMPACT4Nutrition

Sign the Pledge

Sign the Pledge

Sign a simple commitment level pledge stating that your organization would be interested in non – financial commitment towards engaging towards good nutrition initiatives towards employees.

Engagement Calendar

Engagement Calendar

I4N will support all pledge partners for development of an engagement calendar in accordance with your thematic priorities that may include our experienced nutritionists impart knowledge on good Nutrition and healthy living.

ACE Card

ACE Card

(Assets for nutrition, CSR for Nutrition and Employees engagement for Nutrition).
ACE card accelerates behavior change towards improved nutrition literacy and dietary habits in the work ecosystem.

The ACE Card

The ACE Card


Our Initiative Partners

IIT Delhi
IIT Delhi


What Our Partners Say

We are glad to be part of the UNICEF incubated Impact4Nutrition platform. At Urban Company, we are committed to ensuring Good Health & Well-being of our service professionals. Through the program, we will leverage our tech infrastructure to educate partners on what comprises good nutrition, healthy eating, and how food can help prevent and manage chronic diseases and health issues. Nutrition plays a critical role in one’s health and well-being, and we want to encourage our service professionals to make the right nutritional choices.

Bhavya Sharma
Director, Communications & ESG, Urban Company

After looking at NFHS-5 data of anaemia prevalence and our on-ground observation through a small experiment, we at Organic India Foundation devised a programme called ‘Anaemia Mukt Gaon’, similar to Anaemia Mukt Bharat. OIF have partnered with Impact4Nutrition initiative as pledged partner and through their technical expertise, we organized a knowledge sharing session during Poshan Maah 2022, for our on ground teams, which had helped understand and implement the initiative better. As part of OIF’s Community Wellness Programme, OIF is looking at villages of Azamgarh and Hamirpur districts of UP to work on ground in the benefit of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women.

Shravan Verma
Program Manager, ORGANIC INDIA

Our organization Spandan has also recently joined IMPAct4Nutrition with a motive to create a healthier and fitter India. The idea is at the heart to make a social impact. We believe “What goes around comes around,” so Spandan commits to promoting nutrition awareness among its stakeholder in order to foster healthier economies and communities.

Sandip Dwivedi
Executive Director, Spandan Society

Good nutrition is synonymous with good health, a fact that cannot be stressed enough. This understanding fuels my excitement to join the IMPAct4Nutrition Advisory Board, a crucial initiative committed to enhancing health and wellbeing across businesses, employees, and communities. I am honored to offer my years of experience and knowledge to this nation-building mission. In the coming months, I anticipate engaging with the platform, exploring innovative solutions to address the critical nutrition issues facing India.

Manu Kapila
Head of Corporate Affairs & CSR, Fortis Healthcare Ltd

Bigbasket firmly believes in spreading and promoting knowledge about good nutrition to its employees and customers, which not only encourages them to opt for healthier food choices but also will eventually positively impact their lifestyle and health. bigbasket is pleased to join the IMPACT4Nutrition platform as a pledged partner which will further strengthen our efforts towards continued spreading of good nutrition literacy.

Anand Bhaskaran
Head of Digital Marketing and Marketing Communications, Bigbasket

Incorporating a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet ensures that you receive a diverse range of nutrients throughout the year. Remember to balance your diet with a mix of different colored fruits and vegetables to maximize the nutritional benefits.

nutrition tips

Tip of the Month

“Instead of depriving yourself of favorite foods, moderation while eating can help in reducing craving and binge eating related to particular foods

Recipe of the Month



  • Beetroot – 4 (grated)
  • Toned milk – 2 cups
  • Sugar – 4 tablespoons
  • Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Nuts – Almonds and cashew
  • Ghee – 1 tablespoon


  • Wash and peel the beetroots, grate them
  • Heat a pan on low flame and add grated beetroot
  • Saute the beetroot for 10 mins on low flame
  • When the beetroot is reduced add milk, ghee and sugar
  • Cook on low flame for 15 minutes, stir continuously in between
  • Add cashews, almonds and cardamom powder towards the end. Cook for another 15 minutes
  • Empty the halwa in a bowl
  • Serve warm or cold
beetroot halwa

Nutritional Information:

  • Energy 250 Kcal
  • Protein 6.4 g
  • Fat 15 g
  • Carbohydrate 25 g

*Source- NIN ICMR

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