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Poshan Ghar

Poshan Ghar

Poshan Jan Andolan and Poshan Ghar Vision

Aligned with the National POSHAN 2.0 of Government of India, Poshan Ghar is a multi-stakeholder platform that has been created to engage civil society, academic institutions, CSO platforms/forums/alliances in supporting the multi-sectoral approach of the POSHAN Abhiyaan strategy, which is key to the progress of the Poshan Jan Andolan.

Soon to be launched, Poshan Ghar is incubated and convened by UNICEF India and other partners, within the IMPAct4Nutrition (I4N) platform, fostering partnership, synergies, cross sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaborations in achieving the nutritional goals of the country using 4 core principles guiding the foundation of the Poshan Ghar efforts. 

Foundation for poshan ghar efforts

Who can engage with Poshan Ghar?

Poshan Ghar is an opportunity to engage inclusive participation of a national coalition of civil society partners, academia, including the I4N pledged partners, to leverage strengths of all members, nutrition and social behaviour change experts to positively impact the nutritional and health status of India.

Poshan Ghar Secretariat will encourage an organic growth of memberships to create a coordinated and visible network of partners to respond in a concerted way to challenges related to nutrition and to increase the visibility and impact of solutions to meet these challenges through mobilizing support of existing platforms, alliances, forums and communities for Jan Andolan and existent networks operational at state, district, sub-district levels.

engage with Poshan Ghar

What can Poshan Ghar do for its members?

♦ Foster civil society participation for nutrition
♦ Strengthen public-private partnerships for nutrition
♦ Be your one stop nutrition resource and hub for knowledge practices
♦ Facilitate and design at-scale differential nutrition programmes
♦ Provide nutrition and SBC e-courses and training
♦ Build the capacities in strengthening knowledge, action and skills in program implementation
♦ Be a convener of partnerships facilitating linkages and synergies between members, private sector and civil societies for CSR
♦ Align with and be the interface with all the existing knowledge verticals of various partners and the I4N platform