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Poshan Ghar

Poshan Ghar

Poshan Ghar Vision

‘Mobilize’, ‘Inspire’, ‘Motivate’, ‘Strengthen Commitment for Nutrition’ and ‘Deliver Results for Nutrition at Scale’ around Poshan 2.0 Nutrition Goals

What is Poshan Ghar?

  • An open e-resource hub
  • A National coalition of partners that support to ideate and implement SBC interventions at scale to promote nutrition literacy
  • Link with Poshan Gyaan, IEC Warehouse and other online hubs to access and augment use of comprehensive resources on Food, Nutrition, Health, WASH in different delivery formats
  • Fulfils multi-sectoral approach, partnership and platform need of NGOs, CSOs, coalitions, social networks, academics, community, and volunteers, driving nutrition programming to scale with a focus on achieving results
  • Strengthen and integrate different aspects of nutrition into community-based programming, also across allied sectors (WASH, Education, Health)
  • Build connect with the business sector value chain in India as a part of IMPAct4Nutrition, by establishing linkages and synergies between businesses and Poshan Ghar members for nutrition programming through CSR in aspirational districts
  • Create a mutually beneficial model that will help the nutrition agenda, benefit children and enable companies, NGO’s and other stakeholders in sustaining nutrition programmes within communities and catchment areas

Poshan Ghar Members

All development members and partners such as NGOs, CSOs, academic institutions, academicians, community influencers, volunteers, Individuals, UN agencies, Bi-lateral agencies, platforms, forums, social networks, consortiums, alliances, coalitions, public and private sector etc.

Poshan Ghar Membership Benefits

  • Access to basic nutrition knowledge
  • Avail Poshan training products and assets
  • Avail Poshan communication products and assets
  • Provide enhanced ability in nutrition communication activities, advocacy and campaigns
  • Access designs for community engagement and differential programmes for empowering communities
  • Access a certificate e-course on nutrition and capacity development platform (online LMS and Learning Resource Centre)
  • Linkages and synergies between businesses and PG members
  • Interaction, dialogue, fireside chats and workshops with subject experts, array of stakeholders including the government, civil society, academia, research, public and private sector partners
  • Provide enhanced ability in monitoring and reporting nutrition communication activity that will capture reach, change in knowledge, perception, and intent to practice
  • Amplification of impact stories, innovations, out of the box unique solutions, programme breakthroughs/pathways all showcased on Twitter spaces, Podcast, Physical events, Social media posting and cross posting

Poshan Ghar will bring all of this under one umbrella in a brand agnostic way to augment government’s efforts in achieving the nutrition goals

Poshan Ghar Foundation

To be launched soon, keep a watch on this space for more…….